Ephs on the Mooove

Ephs on the Mooove

Meeting alumni where they are, sharing who they are.

During the month of July, Juan Baena '06 and Mike Rodriguez '17 embark aboard an RV on a cross-country journey to listen, share, and connect with Williams alumni. By documenting alumni's experiences of life at home, work, and in their local communities, they hope to celebrate a shared sense of connection and reflect on what it means to engage beyond the Purple Valley. 

Senator Brouk poses for a photo holding a purple 'We the Purple flag in front of a head sculpture. She is wearing a yellow dress.

Serving My Community

Born and raised in the City of Rochester, Senator Brouk returned home to continue her journey in public service and most recently being elected to represent the 55th district in the New York State Senate. In this conversation we chat about the ‘sparks’ along the way that led to her involvement in the community as well as the things that bring joy in her life.

Aaron and his wife, Jasmine, posing for a photo inside Old Home Distillers' tasting room. Jasmine is standing to the left of Aaron and is wearing a black top with a purple Williams bicentennial baseball cap, with her hands crosses. Aaron is standing to Jasmine's right while holding a 'We the Purple' purple flag and wearing a black Old Home Distillers branded shirt and a Williams bicentennial baseball cap.

Embracing the Unexpected

Aaron Carvell ’99 currently serves as one of the heads of Old Home Distillers, a family owned distillery in Lebanon, New York. In our conversation, we chat about taking risks, the joys of family, being a trombonist, and building community wherever you go.

We the Purple: Voices from the Road – Part 3

Listen to conversations with Rebecca Beavers ’93, Samra Brouk ’08, David Brown ’07, and Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts ’99.

We the Purple: Voices from the Road – Part 2

Listen to conversations with April King ’04, Cynthia Sharpe ’94, Jason Smith ’91, and Don White ’74.

July 30: Home Part 2

Boston and Williamstown, MA

July 29: Home Part 1

Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, and Hartford, CT

July 28: DC and Baltimore Double-header

Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD

Creating Space for Belonging

Zorelly Cepeda Derieux ’14, the newest member of the Alumni Relations staff and transplant after Williams into the Berkshire community, talked about identity, creating space, and her love of a good song. She has served as a strong mentor and participant locally, and brings a rich perspective to the alumni community. We hope you’ll join her in creating a more inclusive community together.

July 22: No Lanes to New Orleans

Houston, TX to New Orleans, LA

July 21: Double Duty in Texas

Dallas and Houston, TX

We the Purple: Voices from the Road – Part 1

Listen to conversations with Aaron Carvell ’99, Caroline Fan ’03 and Kevin Hsueh ’03, Eze Redwood ’06, and Alex Sherman ’13.

July 18: Roomie Reunion!

Albuquerque, NM

July 13: From Mountains to Oceans

San Francisco to Los Angeles, Pacific Coast Highway

July 12: California Dreamin’

Sacramento, San Francisco, East Palo Alto, CA

2 people in conversation during lunch at a picnic table outdoors

July 10: Utah-kin’ to Me?

Manti and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Twink and Markus holding 'We the Purple' flag while sitting in front of Williams Hall.

The Land is the Link

Twink Williams Burns ’06 and Markus Burns ’06, a Williams couple who met in the Frosh Quad, returned to Williamstown to raise their two children and to work in the Admission Office. Both active members in the community in their own unique ways, they shared their experiences connecting with the land (including new gardens!), learning about their own personal histories, and developing relationships with others.

July 8: Rocky Mountain High

Denver, CO Part 2

July 3: Mozzarella Mayhem

Toledo, OH to Milwaukee, WI.

July 2: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Rochester, NY to Toledo, OH.

Ephelia looking out from the RV and waving hands out

Day 1: Departure

The point of no return is officially here.

photo of 2 people posing in front of an RV

The Joke’s on Us: Welcome

Meet the copilots and learn how the germ of an idea takes shape.

photo of a woman sitting on stairs painted with rainbow colors and holding a purple flag. She is wearing blue striped short pants, a white top, wedges, and has blond hair.

Naming Love and Gratitude Out Loud

Ashley Weeks Cart ‘05, a deeply passionate Williams community member, shared with us the importance of her family, a love of knitting, and a dedication to bringing people together.