Embracing a Personal Legacy

by Monserrat “Monsie” Muñoz '09

Monsie standing in front of the Williams College sign

Compared to my roommate, I brought very few physical belongings to my Sage B dorm. A majority of what I brought to the Purple Valley from Dallas, Texas, were the hopes and dreams of a family who was celebrating their first daughter/family member going to college. What I did not know then was that my identity as a first-generation, Mexican American woman would not ring true for a brief period of time. Williams would challenge who I believed myself to be and how I saw myself in the world. The people that I met as an Eph stretched my intellectual, emotional and physical abilities. I still welcome (most) of the stretching that Williams introduced into my life, especially when I think of the friendships and relationships that I made. However, the relationship it helped me foster with myself as a gay woman, an educator and a Latina is the most important legacy that Williams left me.

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