Office Hours: Seulghee Lee ’07

person wearing glasses, with a blue suit jacket and white shirt underneath

Watch Seulghee Lee '07 share his journey with David Shakirov '22 into academia to teach African American Studies at University of South Carolina as well as his reflection on anti-Black and anti-Asian violence during the pandemic. Continue reading »

Distinguished Achievement in Humanistic Healthcare

Craig Smith

Bicentennial Medalist Dr. Craig Smith ’70, Chair of the Department of Surgery at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, wrote updates to faculty and staff about response and priorities in the early months of the pandemic which inspired those in his care and a broader society searching for understanding and leadership. Continue reading »

Office Hours: Jallicia Jolly ’14

a person wearing a yellow top with long braided hair and a background with abstract circular green and aqua blue patterns

Learn how Jallicia Jolly '14 experienced her Williams intellectual journey as an opportunity to 'set her soul on fire' with a foundation that has led her to research and teach on Black women's social movements, reproductive justice and health inequities, and intersectionality and HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and Caribbean. Continue reading »

Promoting Economic Justice

Wole Coaxum

The son of Williams College’s first Black president of the Society of Alumni, Bicentennial Medalist Wole Coaxum '92 left behind his managing director position at J.P. Morgan after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, MO. That event compelled him to think about how he could leverage his Wall Street experience and contacts to address the racial wealth gap. Continue reading »

Embracing the Unexpected

Aaron and his wife, Jasmine, posing for a photo inside Old Home Distillers' tasting room. Jasmine is standing to the left of Aaron and is wearing a black top with a purple Williams bicentennial baseball cap, with her hands crosses. Aaron is standing to Jasmine's right while holding a 'We the Purple' purple flag and wearing a black Old Home Distillers branded shirt and a Williams bicentennial baseball cap.

Aaron Carvell '99 currently serves as one of the heads of Old Home Distillers, a family owned distillery in Lebanon, New York. In our conversation, we chat about taking risks, the joys of family, being a trombonist, and building community wherever you go. Continue reading »

Office Hours: Tatiana Cruz ’11

person standing by a door smiling and pointing to sign on it that reads F303

As a first-generation student and parent while at Williams, Tatiana Cruz '11 shares her influences and journey into becoming a historian of race, gender, and social movements in modern U.S. culture with David Shakirov '22. Continue reading »