Coffee and Ritmo

2 people sitting down at a table holding down purple flags

Betty Noonoo '18 currently lives in Houston and Jose Lopez '17 is from Pomona, CA. Betty is a teacher with YES! Prep and Jose is an analytical chemist at a botanical lab. Listen as we chat about their career journeys, coffee, community, and dance. Continue reading »

Finding My Roots

a woman wearing a baclk dress posing for a photo in a park while holding a purple flag that says 'We the Purple'

Jeannette Growler '12 lives in Oceanside, CA where she currently is raising her two children. She has redefined success through motherhood, stumbled into gemology, and is thinking of returning to support youth in her hometown in Navajo Nation. Hear more about her journey, drive, and exploration of identity in this conversation. Continue reading »

Setting a Goal

2 people posting or a photo while one holds a purple flag.

Edgar Kosgey '10 has persevered in becoming an engineer by being goal-oriented and wanting to set an example for others back in Kenya. We chat what it's like to work at a battery manufacturing company, the ups and downs in his professional journey, getting married in the midst of a global pandemic, and how communities have supported him along the way. Continue reading »

Occupying Times of Transition

a woman standing on a kitchen holding a purple flag that has text reading 'We the Purple.' She is wearing a light pink top, blue jeans, and has tattoos on her arms.

Madeline Berky '10 lives in Denver, CO, loves to bake, is working on a romance novel, and has an adorable dog named Huckleberry. In our conversation, we chat about building community through food, mental health, occupying times of transition, and her movement practice. Continue reading »

The Ingredients for Community

Elyse Mack GA'20 is a native of St. Louis, MO which she returned to after wrapping up the Grad Art program at Williams. She now works with Bread and Roses at the center of arts and activism in the community. Listen to us chat about the work, Dungeons and Dragons, baking, and the importance of new perspectives. Continue reading »

This Girl from Small Town Ohio

Alex holding 'We the Purple' flag while standing in front of a door with a peace sign wood decoration

Alex Sherman '13 currently lives in Cleveland, OH and works as a speech pathologist. In our conversation, we chat about her work, trivia, fostering kittens, and the importance of listening to connect with others. Continue reading »

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