Planting the Seeds

a man wearing a green shirt and holding a purple flag that says 'We the Purple, Williams College,

Derek Cressman '90 is a resident of Sacramento, CA and occupies his time with some different endeavors: writing, coaching debate, and operating an olive ranch. Originally involved in the environmental advocacy front, his arc has turned to novel writing. You can hear more about his work, path, and the challenges of finding joy. Continue reading »

A Circuitous Route

person standing next to a poster depicting a group of 4 pitbulls inside a bathtub with text that reads ' Pitbull and Co Bath Soap - Wash your Paw'

Jason Smith '91 moved out to Littleton, CO in early 2020 and got involved in work with the Denver Dumb Friends League as an adoption counselor. We chat about the challenges of following a traditional path versus pursuing one’s passions, the joy of making an adoption match, and keeping an open mind. Continue reading »

Connecting People to Nature

a woman standing and holding a purple flag that says 'We the Purple' She is wearing a purple hat, maroon top, and black coat with a purple hat.

Rebecca Beavers '93 (Williams Mystic '91) lives in Denver, CO and works as a Coastal Geologist for the National Parks Service. We chat about her job, connecting parks and education, her efforts supporting the transgender and gender diverse community, and what it means to connect with people. Continue reading »

Live to Serve

Tamaan and Camille sitting down on their living room sofa with a backdrop of their family portraits on the wall. Camille is holding a 'We the Purple' flag.

Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts '99 (and his wife Camille '00) live in Denver, CO. His work has been focused as a family physician and serving underserved communities through healthcare. He shares his work, taking Capoeira as a hobby, his love for Carnival, and the importance of kindness in our lives. Continue reading »

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