Don’t Keep Score

a man holding a purple flag while sitting down

Don Brown '67 leads his own architecture firm in Birmingham, Alabama and is a retired Colonel in the Air Force. With a collaborative and community-based approach he shares his professional journey, life lessons, and gratitude to those near and far. Continue reading »

The Game of Life

a person wearing a white shirt and a purple baseball cap while holding a purple flag

Austin Wand '68 is a retired radiologist now living in Las Vegas, NV. Recently, he has gotten into local politics and shares some of his experiences in that space, talks about poker, and credits some of his teachers at Williams for helping to shape his journey. Continue reading »

Drawing Williams

Every week since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, Dan Cohn-Sherbok '66 has drawn a cartoon of a campus building and shared it with his classmates as a digital jigsaw puzzle. Continue reading »