Rob Farnham's Ode to Ephdom

by Rob Farnham '71

To me, being an Eph represents:

A deep sense of humor with a tinge of self-deprecation and a lack of narcissism.

Love of multi-colored cows.

A mind able to institute change, as well as,  absorb it.

A tin ear when singing “The Mountains".

The willingness to “experience” as the touchstone to wisdom.

A sweet tooth for buttered, honeybuns.

A nagging self-doubt regarding the openness of one’s mind.

A reaction to the Williams Marching Band as one of endearment.

An acknowledgment Williams provides more to one’s social, intellectual and professional lives than one returns.

An appreciation that a good prank is inspired creativity.

The embodiment of the pursuit of excellence. 

An unconditional buy-in to the Holy Grail: Beat Amherst.

Happy Anniversary Williams Alumni Society!

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