Anchor to an Era

by C David Petersen '53

C David Petersen and his fraternity brothers
C David Petersen and his fraternity brothers in 1950

First words that come to mind when I think of Williams are DU fraternity and collegiality. I've always kept in touch with my DU brothers, and I still see one living brother yearly when he comes to California, where I've lived for 67 years. I keep in touch with another brother in Florida. My two roommates have passed away, but I used to keep in touch with them and until recently kept in touch with one of their widows. The old friendships are an anchor to another era which I cherish.

My career after Williams was as a fighter pilot in the Air Force for seven years, during which time I had the unique experience of serving as an Air Training Officer in 1955-57 with the first two classes of cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy, which at the time was located in Denver, CO. I then went on to Stanford Medical School and became an orthopedic surgeon in Palo Alto, CA, until 1999, when I retired to Granite Bay, CA. During practice years my wife and I enjoyed Williams trips to Salzburg and the Mediterranean.

I am enjoying golf, painting, history reading, keeping in touch with my med school classmates from 1965, writing my memoirs for my kids and option trading for fun and to keep my mind active in retirement. I also enjoy my wife and my kids, two of whom live locally. Still hunkering down until I get the vaccine, and consider this pandemic the worst experience, along with WWII, in my 88 years of existence. Sure wish everyone well.

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