A Home on Wheels

by Dave Ramsay '09 and Matthew Felser '09

Dave: This is way bigger than just these classical paths that the northeast is famous for and I think Williams has a ton of people if you want to collaborate with them, if you want to share ideas and really explore what the options are that you can make it work and again maybe the experience for a couple years you do do the traditional path, but leverage it to then do your own thing or to do what makes you happy. Matt and I have found that together here. We are now in our mid thirties, but we are doing something that we are both really passionate about and happy about which is pretty cool.

Matt: The word that jumped out to me for some reason was the word inclusivity when you ask what brings me joy and I think it goes two ways: in the business we've created, is community we've created where everyone is included in the same thing we were passionate about. It's the ability to bring van life to to more people because we enjoyed it. It's something that brings me joy. It's something that is a different life path... The other side of it is that sharing of things I've been passionate about outside of work or education, whether that's enjoying a day on the mountain skiing with friends or taking a group of students on their first ever backcountry hike.

Dave Ramsay '09 and Matt Felser '09 founded Dave and Matt Vans in Gypsum, CO where they design, build, rent and sell affordable camper vans you can live in (like Nelly but mini!). Listen as they share their journeys from finance and education respectively to running a rapidly growing Van Life business.

Interview is part of the on-the-road 'We the Purple' Williams College alumni conversations held during Ephs on the Mooove in July 2021. Explore more conversations. 'We the Purple' concept and flags designed and donated by Penny Brewer '76, inspired initially as part of the class of 1976's 35th reunion celebration in 2010. 

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