Williams Alumni Bicentennial

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We're turning 200!

You—yes, you!—are an important part of this story.
The history of the Society of Alumni has been written by all of us. Learn about our incredible journey, and join us in looking forward.

There's a Place for You. Explore the Bicentennial's purpose and monthly themes.

Event Spotlight

Bruce Grinnell, smiling and wearing Williams tie

Bicentennial Medalist in Conversation: Bruce Grinnell ’62

11/22/2021 at 8:00pm ET

In this Bicentennial Medalist event, the college honors Bruce Grinnell ’62 who, 60 years ago, took a stand and continued the process that helped move Williams beyond its fraternity era. Joining Bruce in conversation will be Steve Lewis ’60, who served Williams as Professor of Economics, including two terms as Provost, before leading Carleton College as President from 1987-2002.

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BiGLATA Presents “Gender Panel: Experts Discuss Gender Identities, Transition, and How to Be An Ally”

11/20/2021 at 4:00pm ET

This panel will discuss what it means to be transgender, share facts around the medical and emotional journey of transitioning, and offer guidance to allies, friends, and family members of trans people. The panel will be largely in a question/answer format, and we encourage participants to bring thoughtful and honest questions to the group.

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Purple Prose Author Talk: Meg Lowman ’76

12/7/2021 at 3:00pm ET

Register now for a special talk featuring “Arbornaut” Meg Lowman ’76 in conversation with Tom Jorling, who previously served as Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at Williams College.

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Puzzles in Purple: Behind the Scenes

12/8/2021 at 8:00pm ET

Join Greg Pliska ’84 for a look behind the scenes of the 11-part, 10-month Puzzles in Purple series, organized in honor of the Bicentennial of the Society of Alumni. Greg and his team of alumni constructors will talk about the process of creating a multi-part puzzle hunt, reveal the solutions for each puzzle, and announce the grand prize winners.

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Every Person
Has a Story (EPHS!)

What does it mean to you to be a Williams alum?

Puzzles in Purple

The Williams College Society of Alumni
Bicentennial Celebration Puzzle Hunt

You and your team of crack puzzle hunters are tasked with combing through the past, present—and maybe future—of Williams College to unlock the secrets of the Society and reveal the answer to the question, “How should we celebrate the bicentennial of the Williams College Society of Alumni?

Ephs on the Mooove

Meeting alumni where they are,
sharing who they are.

During the month of July, Mike Rodriguez '17 and Juan Baena '06 traveled across the United States, sharing alumni voices from their local communities and celebrating the shared sense of connection beyond the Purple Valley.

graphic of an RV covered in bicentennial spots and logo, with one person staring out a window and another leaning against the hood