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A Message from
Laura and Aroop

SoA Bicentennial Co-Chairs

Dear Ephs everywhere,

When you think about Williams, who comes to mind? How has Williams shaped who you are?

For generations, Ephs have gone out into the world, building community and supporting one another. We honk at purple and gold bumper stickers, hoist felt banners at weddings and mystify our friends, families and coworkers with our collective enthusiasm for all things Eph. We travel long distances to be together; we share life’s joys and sorrows with one another. And, through it all, we continue to challenge our college, each other and ourselves to grow. To do better. To be better.

In 2021, the Williams College Society of Alumni will turn 200. The world’s oldest college alumni society began when the college nearly collapsed in 1821...

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Every Person Has a Story (EPHS!)

Maybe you took the road less traveled. Maybe an Eph helped you along the way. Maybe you've pushed Williams to change and evolve. Maybe you just want to revel in a tale of pure Eph joy and togetherness.

From Eph encounters that lift you up to ways our community has let you down, we’re looking for the stories of what it means to be a Williams alum—and, most importantly, what we mean to each other.

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