Alumni Networks

The Society of Alumni constitution affirms that we serve “the global community, through an expanding and diverse body of men and women who share the common bond of a Williams education.” In keeping with that mission, the Alumni Relations Office supports the development and continued growth of Alumni Networks which represent under-represented constituents of the Society of Alumni.

Our Alumni Networks, much like our Classes and our Regional Associations, function as sub-groups of the Society with the particular intent of advocating for and representing emerging and under-represented populations within the Society. Descriptions of each network are included below. If you would like be identified as a member of any of these groups and join the mailing lists please send an email to including your name and the name of the Network which you would like to join.

Volunteer opportunities are available in each of the Alumni Networks. For more information, visit this page or contact Sharifa T. Wright ’03, Director, Alumni Diversity & Inclusion and Associate Director, Alumni Relations.

Women of Williams

Women of Williams represents the alumnae of the college. Our mission is to create a vibrant, engaged community of alumnae committed to advancing women’s voices and perspectives and to enriching and inspiring one another, Williams, and the world. Women of Williams was re-ignited in 2015 during the 40th reunion of the class of 1975, the first fully co-ed class of the college. View our 2015 Reunion Event “Dwelling of the Gallant”


The Williams College Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Alumni Network (BiGLATA) endeavors to provide lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) alumni and students an active forum in which to network, connect and collaborate. BiGLATA strives to cultivate an environment sensitive to LGBTQ issues and concerns, and to inculcate values of inclusion, compassion and diversity within the larger Williams community.

BiGLATA Website

BiGLATA Facebook Group

BiGLATA LinkedIn Group


Founded in 1982, the Williams Black Alumni Network (WBAN) exists to enhance the engagement of black graduates with the college. Working in conjunction with the Williams College Society of Alumni, WBAN offers opportunities for black alumni to connect with black undergraduates, each other and the wider Eph community. WBAN’s founding principles are designed to strengthen institutional goals of inclusion for the betterment of Williams College for its present and future constituents.

WBAN Teach It Forward Challenge

WBAN Website

WBAN Facebook Page


The Williams Latina/o Alumni Network (WLAN) provides a space for alumni to connect with one another via regional networking events, online databases, and mail/e-mail updates and to provide support for current Williams College Latino/a students by maintaining communication with Vista, the Davis Center, and other resources on campus. WLAN also seeks to strengthen its connection with the college and other alumni networks.

WLAN Facebook Group


The Williams Asian and Asian-American Network (WAAAN) is a resource for support, advice and contacts to Asian American students, the College, and alumni. Its mission is to promote the recruitment of Asian American students and faculty; to encourage debate and awareness of issues and concerns facing the Asian American community within and outside of the College; to forge lifelong relationships among Asian American alumni; and to preserve and enrich the bond between Asian American alumni and the College.

WAAAN Facebook Page

WAAAN LinkedIn Group

Williams First

“First Generation” is a group of Williams alumni who are the first members of their families to attend college and who seek to support current first-generation students.

International Ephs

Ephs don’t have to be in the US to benefit from the best college network in work! International Ephs is an alumni community that supports alumni who identified as international students while they were at Williams and Williams graduates currently living abroad. The network aims to support the recruitment, retention, development and graduation of international students, foster an environment for academic success for international students, faculty and staff; and provide a truly borderless alumni network.